The Partnership

Managed Solutions provides a complete software and service solution to CNC based manufacturers. Our goal is to help you, our customer, become best in class at what you do. We achieve this by combining the products of world leader CIMCO software with our 17 years of Information Technology management experience. We're not just your vendor, we are your partner and have a vested interest in your success. Our team consisting of your management, IT, shop floor and engineering combined with our implementation experts, installers and developers will become the necessary force to achieve your objectives.

Windows 10 Forces Re-Activation of CIMCO License

With the recent release of Windows 10, there has also been a side issue that has impacted CIMCO Software licensees. The upgrade to Windows 10 is causing your CIMCO products to require re-activation. If you are considering an upgrade, follow the steps in this article to prepare in advance to avoid any down-time from the license re-activation process. If you have already upgraded … [Read more...]

Upgrading CIMCO MDC and DNC-Max

The about screen shows if your maintenance is active.

All software is a work in progress, similar to a tree, with new bark, limbs, and branches being added from time to time. CIMCO A/S releases frequent updates to their products and these updates can provide significant new features, to complete version upgrades along with the standard bug fixes and minor tweaks. In order to keep customers informed, it is necessary to test these … [Read more...]

CIMCO Editor Bookmarks Feature

New Bookmark Menu CIMCO Editor

You probably need to edit NC code from time to time, or maybe you're just a wizard with g-code and like to write programs manually. If you use CIMCO Editor you might use features such as the NC-Assistant to generate or modify complex M or G codes. What do you do though if you are editing a very large file and you find a few areas you want to come back to? Until now you could … [Read more...]

Making Informed Decisions about Wireless DNC

Wired and Wireless DNC

Wireless DNC, MDC and other shop floor devices have some great benefits. When you are considering the question of wired vs wireless, there are some potential issues that you will want to consider. The intention of this article is to help you make an informed decision on whether or not wireless has a role to play in your DNC, MDC or other similar solution. Wireless shop floor … [Read more...]

CIMCO MDM – Professional Manufacturing Data Management


CIMCO PDM is now known as CIMCO MDM or Manufacturing Data Management to reflect the significant improvements and capability enhancements to the platform. CIMCO MDM is a paperless manufacturing system that helps you securely store and manage your production related materials including CAD/CAM files, CNC Programs, tool lists, quality control documents, images, setup sheets and … [Read more...]