The Partnership

Managed Solutions provides a complete software and service solution to CNC based manufacturers. Our goal is to help you, our customer, become best in class at what you do. We achieve this by combining the products of world leader CIMCO software with our 17 years of Information Technology management experience. We're not just your vendor, we are your partner and have a vested interest in your success. Our team consisting of your management, IT, shop floor and engineering combined with our implementation experts, installers and developers will become the necessary force to achieve your objectives.

Two for Friday – Innovation and OEE

Two for Friday

While visiting one of our customers in the Visalia area this week, the visit provoked some ideas about innovation in manufacturing. Luckily there was a tie in to that in the news as well. On LinkedIn we saw several discussions about calculating OEE and looking beyond just OEE so this week's topics are: Efforts to Promote Innovation in Manufacturing OEE and Beyond, What … [Read more...]

How Does CIMCO Software Maintenance Work?

Via Bill Abbott - Creative Commons

One question we get asked frequently is how maintenance works with CIMCO Software products. The best way to think of the maintenance cost of your software is as an entitlement to receive all software updates for the duration of the term. It doesn't matter if the updates are just that, an incremental update of an existing version or a completely new version of the software; a … [Read more...]

Empowered Employees – Your Solution to the Manufacturing Skills Gap

BLS Job Openings by Industry February 2014

It's hard to talk about manufacturing in the US without the issue of the skills gap coming up. We'll always advocate to make the conditions as favorable as possible for employees and employers alike, and in this case we'll take aim at opportunities within your organization. We learned recently from one of our customers who had CIMCO MDC installed last year a startling fact. … [Read more...]

Two for Friday – Global Competition and Autonomous Cargo

Two for Friday

So many of the conversations going on carry over from week to week with regards to North American Manufacturing. Specifically this week what stood out: North America Now Very Globally Competitive Are Unmanned Cargo Aircraft the Future of Economical Air Freight? North America Now Considered Very Globally Competitive North America (specifically the US and Mexico) have … [Read more...]

How to Change the Order of User Input Variables in CIMCO Edit Professional

Creating a new input $11 and re-ordering (CIMCO Editor 7)

For this Wednesday's product related content we're going to update you on a feature within the Editor that controls the order of user input variables. You may have at one time had to write a macro to modify this, but with CIMCO Edit Professional Version 7 it is no longer necessary. The function to change the order of the user input variables is in the Macro Definitions. You can … [Read more...]