It can be challenging to find a solution
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As a CIMCO Authorized Solution Provider, we help manufacturers eliminate bottlenecks and errors so you can do more of what you do, and do it well.

Founder Joe Hackman brings together an in-depth knowledge of IT management, advocacy work in manufacturing, and the CIMCO software line’s capabilities to find creative solutions to nagging problems in the manufacturing workflow. He founded Managed Solutions in 1997, initially as an IT support company, and has evolved to stay on the cutting edge of computer integrated manufacturing and Industry 4.0 best practices. In Smart Manufacturing, Joe found an opportunity to meet an underserved market with genuine concern for each client’s success and a strong desire to resolve bottlenecks that keep them from reaching their potential.



In January of 1997, Joe founded Managed Solutions to provide IT consulting and outsourcing solutions to Bay Area companies. The late 1990s were an exciting and extraordinary time with changes occurring at a rapid pace. As a start-up company, we quickly became recognized as experts in Microsoft Windows NT Solutions and contributed to several magazine publications and books on the subject.

During the Y2K run up we successfully transitioned a number of companies to a compliant system and have continued to serve the needs of these customers, many of whom we consider to be like family, to this day, even while our business has shifted in another direction.

2005-2018: Shift to Precision Manufacturing Software and Services

In 2005, we discovered an opportunity to give more value to our clients. While managing the IT interests of several Bay Area CNC-based manufacturers, we gained initial experience with DNC Software and provided custom integration for our clients including implementing a DNC Solution with POE (Power Over Ethernet) Ethernet to Serial converters.

We were called on to resolve a number of other challenges including custom integration of a tool presetter as well as troubleshooting CNC communication issues. That’s when we learned of CIMCO Software and based on a strong recommendation from one of our clients, took on the role of representing CIMCO in the Western USA.

In October of 2013, our shift to focus on the computer integrated manufacturing market was complete and we stopped taking on new IT clients to maintain focus. We soon relocated from the San Francisco Bay area to El Dorado Hills, strategically located between two major manufacturing hubs – the Bay Area and Reno/Sparks Nevada.

As the industry evolved it became more and more evident our fascination with manufacturing and our IT background created an incredible opportunity when coupled with the very capable CIMCO product line. New and emerging products during this time like MDC and MDM are technically challenging. Being able to understand IT requirements and information security became very important as the evolution into Industry 4.0  was getting into full swing.

2019: Managed Solutions opens Southern California Office, becomes featured CIMCO Authorized Solution Provider for Most Western US States

In January 2019 Managed Solutions became one of the first CIMCO Software Authorized Solution Providers in the world and the only Solution Provider on the West Coast. We also opened an office in Southern California and welcomed Kevin Payne to our team. Kevin quickly rose to become one of the top techs in the US, particularly when it comes to cutting edge products like CIMCO Manufacturing Data Management and Machine Data Collection.

Today – Our Promise to You

Everyone deserves good service. Bottom line. It doesn’t matter if you are making a simple pre-sales inquiry, service request or implementing a comprehensive Industry 4.0 initiative, CNC networking, machine data collection, or data management solution at a small facility or worldwide. We take our business, and therefore each and every request very seriously. You can expect prompt and courteous service before, during and after a solution is in place.


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