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From IT Legacy to Industry 4.0 Pioneers: Your Partner in Smart Manufacturing

Founder Joe Hackman is deeply entrenched in Smart Manufacturing. With hands-on experience collaborating with hundreds of manufacturing companies, Joe’s comprehensive knowledge spans IT management, strategic manufacturing advocacy, and a deep understanding of the CIMCO software suite. His knack for pinpointing industry needs and devising creative solutions means that challenges associated with equipment, workforce, and operational practices are effectively addressed. Although Managed Solutions was founded in 1997 with a focus on IT support, Joe’s foresight steered the company towards a dedicated emphasis on computer-integrated manufacturing and the advanced tenets of Industry 4.0.

Throughout challenging epochs, like the Covid pandemic and economic downturns, Joe’s prowess in fostering collaborative and supportive teams has been evident. By building strong communities within the industry, he’s enhanced continuity and resilience. With a steadfast and passionate emphasis on Smart Manufacturing, Joe caters to an underserved market, motivated by a genuine commitment to ensuring every client’s success and a mission to clear away operational bottlenecks and achieve their most ambitious goals.



In January 1997, Joe founded Managed Solutions to provide IT consulting and outsourcing in the Bay Area. Serendipitously, we collaborated with several manufacturers, immersing us in the dynamic industry that now fuels our company’s mission.

2006-2018: Shift to Precision Manufacturing Software and Services

In 2006, we took on the mantle of representing CIMCO in the Western USA, emphasizing regions that had been traditionally underserved, such as our main markets in aerospace-rich Southern California and Arizona. Today, our influence and services extend globally, thanks to our unique network and a track record of supporting major international companies.

Our genuine passion for manufacturing, combined with our enterprise IT friendly status, innovative approach to legacy equipment,  and information security extends the capabilities of the CIMCO product line well beyond its traditional boundaries.

2019: Managed Solutions Expands in Southern California

In January 2019, Managed Solutions fortified its position in the Smart Manufacturing industry by becoming one of the inaugural CIMCO Software Authorized Solution Providers globally — and the exclusive representative on the West Coast. With the strategic addition of Kevin Payne to our ranks, we rapidly expanded our capabilities in our primary service area. Kevin’s unmatched expertise quickly positioned him as a leading technician, notably in pioneering integration work with products like CIMCO’s Manufacturing Data Management and Machine Data Collection.

2020: Managed Solutions Leads Global Collaboration Among CIMCO Solution Providers

Amid the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Managed Solutions proactively launched a global initiative to foster enhanced collaboration with fellow CIMCO Solution Providers. Representing a diverse array of skills and hailing from different corners of the world, each of these companies brings a distinct solution and viewpoint to the table. What began as a modest virtual meetup of like-minded providers has now blossomed into a robust collaboration, evidenced by hosting conferences and undertaking ambitious, large-scale projects together.

2021-2022: Managed Solutions Expands Team Amid Surging Demand

The Covid-19 pandemic underscored the criticality of resilient supply chains, drawing unprecedented public attention. This focus was further intensified in 2022 following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing developments in Asia, a region already under heightened manufacturing scrutiny. Such events catalyzed a shift towards reshoring, friend-shoring, and near-shoring of manufacturing to the USA and its strategic allies. Amidst this backdrop, Managed Solutions was fortunate to welcome three pivotal team members: Dawn Buford, Peter Pickslay, and Teran Wargin. Dawn joined as Joe’s Executive Assistant, immediately enhancing the organization’s professionalism and efficiency. Pete’s expertise significantly expanded our in-house capabilities, while Teran adeptly handled numerous day-to-day tasks, providing the broader team with valuable relief.

2023: Managed Solutions Develops Smart Edge Device Technology

Over the past decade, Managed Solutions has identified a significant demand for enhanced monitoring and optimization of legacy machines, which often lack contemporary electronic systems. This necessity also extends to newer equipment due to escalating security concerns, as manufacturers grapple with heightened cybersecurity threats. In response, Managed Solutions has prioritized the research and development of innovative technologies to meet these challenges. After successful proof-of-concept testing, our product has been validated through multiple customer deployments. As a result, we offer companies a pivotal solution, extracting greater value from equipment that might otherwise necessitate costly replacements— a step that is often impractical or financially burdensome.


Our Commitment to You, Today and Always

At Managed Solutions, we stand by the fundamental right to exceptional service. Whether you’re reaching out for a straightforward pre-sales query, seeking dedicated support, or diving into an intricate Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing endeavor — from extending the life of legacy equipment, CNC networking, and machine data collection to broad-scale data management solutions — we approach every interaction with paramount importance. Our unwavering commitment ensures you receive prompt, courteous, and thorough service at every phase, even long after your solution is up and running.

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